Friday, March 1, 2013

Watercolor Play and Inner Critics

Seems I've been spending more time with fellow-artists, since Urban Sketchers has become such an integral of my life.  I am going out with the main Seattle group once a month, and with a smaller off-shoot group 2 other times a month, plus there's occasionally an "ad hoc" crawl that's called.  This is a good thing!  Most artists I read about, or chat with, all acknowledge they need to DRAW MORE!  In fact, I would like to be drawing every day.

After we sketch, we usually share our work.  We all admire each other's work, yet when we have individual conversations I pick up a common theme.  Seems we each have an "inner critic" who is alive and well inside us.  Believe me, that kind of critical talk goes on all the time!  Along with it are the thoughts about "trying to be looser," or "struggling to render a car that look like a car!" or trying to change the way we work.  I guess it's just a fact of artistic life.

So in keeping with that idea, I am sharing this recent watercolor, in which I was consciously trying to paint looser, i.e not so tight.  Sometimes I tell myself, it's just "play," or practice, or drawing daily.  Thanks for checking in!


  1. Lovely! And delightfully loose. Yeah, let's all scare those inner critics away -- who needs 'em!

  2. Beautiful watercolor! Vivid, yet gentle and peaceful too! Thanks for sharing!