Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What Captures Us...

Sometimes we go about our day, passing all-too familiar locations,  and then one day, the light shines differently, or we are different, or perhaps the birds are singing!  Something stops us! and we take a second look, or, we take a closer look.  Thus it was with this first sketch.  I live across the street from this view of my neighbor's stairway up to his home, and I have seen it every day for 5 years, often more than once a day.  But the scene captured me, and I compelled to try to show others why.

In trying to sketch more often (every day WOULD be nice, but the resolve only holds so long) I went over to the U-District to sketch after I ran an errand.  I wanted to record Weaving Works, because this establishment, recently announced they would move before 2014.  As I chose my spot to sketch, there was the painted mural wall of another business, Brooklyn Frame.  It's a bit disorienting, so I think this sketch is okay to record for history, but it would need re-working, or a better viewpoint) to stand as a "painting."  So what's the difference?  Juanita keeps asking me that.  We'll chat about it next time.

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  1. When I started drawing a year and a half ago, pretty much everything I looked at suddenly begged to be sketched (though I am still just gaining the skills that will someday enable me to sketch whatever I want -- as you can!). Maybe you are seeing more because you've decided you're going to sketch more! :-)