Friday, March 22, 2013


Overworking a watercolor is the bane of artists.  Sometimes we add our own limitations, such as a 3-color palette, or allowing only 20 minutes to paint a scene.  So the other day, I did a small telescopic sketch of the house I always see when I look out my studio window.  It's hard to miss, because it's in such disrepair!  As always, I am trying to keep my work fresh, and light-infused.  So here it is.
At the time, I felt like I got parts of this watercolor "right", but another problem we have as artists, is that upon finishing a watercolor, it's almost as if we are too close to it to be able to properly judge it, and that allowing some time to lapse brings a better perspective.  So as I finished this, I immediately turned to another sketchbook, filled with a smooth multi-media paper.  I dashed off another quick sketch, and made myself call it "finished" so as not to create mud on this unforgiving paper.

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  1. Nice examples, Peggy... I think they both show beautiful values, despite the, uh, "appearance- challenged" subject.