Thursday, February 21, 2013

Challenge Completion...and what I Learned

Yes, I have decided my specific challenge of sketching the view out my back window is now complete.  I have 20 drawings from that series.  What about the other 10?  Well, I decided that when I was out Urban Sketching, it "counted" for the day's assignment.  I get to make the rules, after all!

I realized the last few days were becoming tedious because the challenge had been going on for 28-30 days.  I found myself looking for a slightly different viewpoint, or zeroing in on my subject.  And I also discovered as I painted the last one that certain w/c papers cause me to paint differently!  I guess that's a logical conclusion, but it became REALLY obvious to me.  So obvious that I set out to prove it, maybe!  I sketched the same scene on my favorite paper, Arches CP 140 wt.  It sure was easier to paint.  And the comparison:

The sketch below, on the left side, was done first on some "Magnani" paper.  To me, it seems flat, and it occurred because the paper was too absorbent.  The sketch on the right was done on the Arches paper.  Better, don't you think?

Soooo what's next?  I have some Urban Sketching trips coming up, both Friday and Saturday.  I am looking forward to both of them.  Friday I will be in the Burke Museum on the campus of the UW.  And Saturday, I will be in  and around St. James Cathedral on Capital Hill with the full group of Seattle Urban Sketchers.

Now I have another comparison for you all to see.  Last week, on the Seattle Urban Sketcher site, I posted a couple sketches from a session in historic "old Ballard."  Sometimes, what I see does not translate to what I sketch.  Sometimes? - more like most times!!  Anyway, I felt I had to use words to describe one sketch, because what I painted wasn't quite clear.  So I did another sketch  Now, you can judge these two sketches:

These 2 sketches are more challenging, especially as they appear here - quite miniaturized.  What I was disappointed with in the sketch on the right, is that the ivy didn't look like ivy!  And the large brick wall appears confusing.
In my redo, well, you can be the judge.

So, stay tuned here, and I will share my next set of sketches, with less analysis, and more simply living with the joie de vivre I feel!!

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