Friday, April 5, 2013


 As far back as I can remember, I can see a painting by my grandfather, called "Cherry Blossom Snow" that captured my imagination and wonder.  Snow?  Cherry tree snow?  As I grew up, I actually did experience the "snow" of those cherry blossoms on windy days.  Still, I was fascinated by that idea, and wondered if I would ever really be able to experience such a phenomenon AND possess the skill to depict my own interpretation.  It has become a holy grail for me...a rather elusive goal, something to strive for - over and over and over.  But one can hardly complain about sitting under huge old cherry trees on a warm sunny day, while being gently touched by falling cherry blossom leaves.  Since moving to Seattle, in 1984, I have been able to find those cherry trees, and yes, I have tried often, to sketch them.
This scene was painted in the Washington Park Arboretum.
And yes, I was over in the UW Quad this past Sunday, when it was 69 degrees!! trying yet another sketch.  And I wonder if I will be able to use that sketch in another watercolor.  Time will tell.

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