Saturday, April 13, 2013

5 in a 5-5-5 Around the Yard

Somewhere in my viewing of artist's blogs, I came across a reference to an interesting type of challenge.  It seems to be a challenge to get the artist to sketch anywhere, sketch fast, and to not overwork the color.  Most of us artists cab use such practice, so I went for it one sunny afternoon this week.  The parameters:
walk no more than 5 minutes, stop, sketch for 5 minutes, then add color for 5 minutes, then repeat.  With Spring busting out all over, I had no problem finding subject matter, often walking less than a minutes.  As I went from one to the next, I decided the add that 4th 5, thus 5 mini-sketches in a 5-5-5.  And the results:


  1. What a great challenge ….. You did wonderfully

  2. Thanks, Elva. I follow your blog, love it, and have thoroughly enjoyed your spider series!! I've done the same thing, even tho I'm so afraid of them! The ones I've watched have been on the outside of my window.