Friday, February 15, 2013

Having Fun with my Challenge

Seems I've been out sketching a LOT!!  It was three times this week because I built in time to sketch as I went about some other activities.  Now I must clarify one caveat I allow in my 30-day challenge, which is that I can skip my daily sketch if I happen to be out sketching somewhere else.  Thus, I have 16 sketches so far, of which I will share a few in here.  Someone asked me if I thought it helped to do this challenge, and I said yes, because 1) I sketch every day, and 2) I can try out different techniques, and styles, as well as mediums, and 3) it pushes me to be more creative, as I look at the same scene each day and contemplate different ways I can sketch it, or different parts to emphasize.
During the past two weeks, we've had fog several times.  Yes, I have painted scenes in the past, where wonderful pockets of fog create some mystery, but this fog was not like that.  Still, I thoughtI was be able to show that it WAS foggy.  However, in the 3 times I've sketched early in the morning while it's still quite foggy, I end up putting in too much color.  Still,  I will probably have some more days to "practice" fog!

This next sketch is an example of where I was a bit "bored" with the scene, so I "played" and ended up with something that strangely seems to "work!"

I want to show you one more from the series because it's quite different.  You see, I have always LOVED sketching!  I love even the feel of a pencil on good sketch paper.  And since I've started using both a Noodler's and a Lamy fountain pen, I want to sketch and sketch - anything, just to sketch!  Again, it's the joy in drawing, as well as how it feels to hold the pen and "make marks!"  So one day I set out to do some pen and ink before the usual addition of watercolor, however I just kept drawing and drawing, and soon I had a completed drawing.  I decided not to add color, except for those red berries on the holly tree!  But I'm still trying to decide whether to add some green leaves to that holly tree.  What do you think?  The jury is still out - stay tuned!


  1. Anna here. I am partner to Jeanne from knitting. Great blog. Good for you. My two cents on your question above: make the big shrub green and all the structures shades of gray...a bit of a comment on the strength of nature.

    Have fun

  2. Hey, Thanks Anna. I was just looking at that sketch today, and was almost ready to add the green!

  3. Peg, I accidently hit decline. Sorry about that. I thought I was capable of using this blog but will need some help. My email address is wpstockwell@ Waiting for your reply, thanks Bill

  4. I was of friend of you mom, back in the early 70's. I am trying to get in touch with Tommy concerning one of Charlie's pencil sketches that was a gift from Marty. I don't know if Tommy is still in the Your mom also gave us of one of her paintings as a wedding gift that you might want a picture of and the sweet story behind it.
    Skip Barry (after the Paul Bedard painting)